Fenix Lotus 72 karosérie Classc Team Lo
Fenix Lotus 72 karosérie Classc Team Lo
Hobbywing Xerun ESC XR8 SCT 140A BEC 6A
Hobbywing Xerun ESC XR8 SCT 140A BEC 6A
Ing. Roman Krejčí
Kolářská 182/2
74764 Velká Polom
Česká republika
IČ: 88751066
DIČ: CZ7212235184
Telefonní spojení
+420 602 82 44 71
Bankovní spojení
FIO banka
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CRC WTF-1-FC16 Formel-Chassis 1:10

CRC WTF-1-FC16 Formel-Chassis 1:10
Nová formule 1 americké značky CRC, která se proslavila tituly Mistra světa
Popularita Popularita
Výrobce CRC
Dostupnost Na objednávku
Záruka 24 měs.
Kód položky CRC1501
Cena bez DPH 6 471,07 CZK
DPH 21 %
Cena s DPH 7 830,00 CZK
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New from World Champion Calandra Racing Concepts is the new FC16 version of the IIC, Snowbirds and US Indoor Champion WTF-1 car. Now with both adjustable transverse and inline battery positions, the new FC16 can be adjusted to any surface and grip level. Featuring full 2.5mm quadaxial, high modulus (QHM) carbon fiber throughout, the 16 WTF-1 is light, lean and mean. The car carries over the popular features from the original WTF-1;

Standup or laydown servo placement

Dual damper tube design

Multiple battery positions-inline or transverse

CRC Pro diff-the smoothest diff in F1

Brian Wynn dominated the US Indoor Championships in Cleveland with his WTF1-FC16 taking T.Q. and leading every lap. Joining Wynn in the main were the FC-16 cars of Jim Piersol and Frank Calandra. A month later in St. Louis, Jim Piersol took his FC16 to another T.Q. and win at the 2016 Hudy Race at Prolevel RC.